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What Zinfandel tastes like: Wines to change your mind Decanter.
Wine Review Search. Find a Wine Review. Spanish Fine Wine. Decanter World Wine Awards. Decanter Asia Wine Awards. Decanter Retailer Awards. Enter Decanter Awards. Latest Wine Tastings. Zinfandel to change your mind. May 24, 2016. Do you struggle to find a Zinfandel you enjoy?
Guide to Zinfandel Wine Wine Folly.
October 22, 2013 Blog Learn About Wine Guide to Zinfandel Wine. Articles, Beginner, Wine Types, Zinfandel. Lets take a closer look at both red and white Zinfandel wine and learn the secrets to picking out your favorite styles. Why is White Zinfandel so popular?
California Zinfandel Best Regions, Best Producers, Best Pours.
Mendocino grapes were often shipped to the companys headquarters in nearby Asti Sonoma County to be made into bulk wine destined for bottling facilities all over the U.S. John Parducci was the first local to bottle Zinfandel on its own, in the 1940s.
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In 1972, one British wine writer wrote, there" is a fascinating Californian grape, the zinfandel, said to have come from Hungary, but apparently a cépage now unknown there" 19 In 1974 and 1981, American wine writers described it as a" California original, grown nowhere else" 20 and California's' own red grape.
What's' the difference between red and pink Zinfandel wines? Ask Dr. Vinny Wine Spectator.
Zinfandel grapes are red wine grapes, meaning the skins are dark and have a lot of pigment. When making white wine, typically the grapes are pressed and just the juice is fermented, while red wine production includes more contact with all the bits of the grapes, and their pigments and tannins.
Learn About Zinfandel, Both Red White Wine 101.
Planted in over 10 percent of all Californian vineyards, the Zinfandel grape is an important player in the California red wine industry, creating a big, ripe red wine that comes with some of the highest alcohol content of any red wine on the market between 14 and 17 percent.

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Introduce Yourself to Zinfandel Wine.
Both wines come from the same Zinfandel grapes, and it is the process for making the wine that differentiates the two. Zinfandel, meaning the red wine, is known for its rich, dark color scheme, medium to high tannin levels, and higher alcohol content 14-17% ABV.
Zinfandel Flavors and Aromas Characteristics of Zinfandel Wine Grapes.
Zinfandel grapes and Zinfandel wine are inextricably linked with California wine production because California is the only place they are grown. Zinfandel is one of oldest, if not the oldest, grape variety in California and today it occupies about 10 percent of all California vineyards.

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