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In a cool climate, you may find earthier notes alongside dried herbs, tobacco, and tar, while Merlot from warmer regions is generally more straightforward and fruit-focused. Lamb with Merlot is an ideal matchthe sweetness of the meat picks up on the sweet fruit flavors of the wine to create a harmonious balance.
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While Merlot has a long history of use as a blending wine, pure Merlot wines have been relatively slow in gaining momentum in Italy. That too has changed and today some of the worlds best Merlot wines bear Italian labels.
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Clarendon Hills Merlot a rich fruity Merlot with abundant herbal notes and bottle age from Australia. Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon a second label of Duckhorn producing a great entry-level Cabernet Sauvignon with savory black currant and olive notes. Articles, Beginner, Cabernet Sauvignon, Favorite, Merlot, Wine Types.
Merlot Wine Grapes, Flavor, Character, History, Wine Food Pairing Tips.
Merlot Wine Grapes, Flavor, Character, History, Wine Food Pairing Tips. Merlot Wine Grapes. Merlot is the most popular and widely planted wine grape varietal in France, reaching its true zenith of expression in Bordeaux wine. Around the world, its the fifth most planted wine grape.
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Merlot, which in French means The Little Blackbird, is the second most popular red grape in America. It is believed that the first time the grape was used in making wine was in the late 1700s when a French winemaker in the Bordeaux region formally labeled the grape as an ingredient in his Bordeaux wine blend.
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Valdivieso Merlot Winemaker Gran Reserva. Top class Merlot from one of the best Chilean winemakers. catentry_id" 1159313, productName" Valdivieso" Merlot Winemaker Gran Reserva" currentPrice" 12.49, Attributes." Out of stock. San Martino Toscana IGT. One of the most prestigious wine of Cafaggio.
Merlot Wine Grapes.
Known as Cabernet Sauvignons partner in crime, Merlot is a soft, fleshy and easy to grow grape that ripens easily, which makes it one of the worlds most planted wine grapes. This plummy little chum makes a lovely blend with said partner-in-crime, softening the tannic structure of Cabernet Sauvignon, while adding fruit and flesh to the mix.
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Unlike its blockbuster red-blend Shiraz-based cousins from the Barossa Valley, Merlot wine is lighter and less tannic. A soft cheese like a Camembert or even a hard cheese like cheddar will pair well with subduing the fruit in Merlot. Notable Merlot Wine regions.
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If only one variety merlot, cabernet sauvignon is mentioned on the label, then the wine is called varietal and is named after the grape with a capital initial Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon. Varietal wines primarily show the fruit: how the wine tastes much depends on the grape variety.
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Made from grapes handpicked in the Colchagua Valley wine region some 80 miles south of Chiles capital Santiago, this robust single vineyard merlot has an abundance of black fruit, plum and black cherry flavours with herb and spices overtones and structured tannins.
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Merlot is often partnered with Cabernet Sauvignon but equally happy on its own, as it is very versatile. As a single varietal wine, when properly ripe, it produces soft, rich, plummy wines that are easier to drink in their youth than the more structured Cabernet wines.

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