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Guide to Lambrusco: a brief history of a long past Vinitaly Wine Club.
Lambrusco is made in Parma, Cremona, Mantua, Bologna and even in Trento they use it to make wine. Only here they call it Enantio, which is basically a Lambrusco with a jagged edge, the main ingredient of several local DOCs in the Trento area.
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Each region offers different kinds of wine that vary in sweetness and body. Sparkling red wine may sound similar to a sweet spritzer, but Lambrusco is actually a legitimate, tasty wine that pairs well with thin-crust pizza, berry stuffed pastries, and all sorts of pasta.
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Its a little harder to find a single-varietal Lambrusco Maestri in Italy, although to quote Italian wine expert, Ian dAgata., Try: Cantine Ceci, Nero di Lambrusco Otello, guaranteed to change your mind about Lambrusco forever and turn you into a believer.
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I imagine Ryan Phillippe dancing around on roller skates at Studio 54 in New York, serving platters of pink champagne, or more likely cheap Lambrusco wine. This was more like a Riunite Lambrusco, a less than desirable Lambrusco dolce, or sweet wine.
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Light, flavorful, and zesty, it is the perfect wine for a picnic or barbecue, matching well with platters of cold cuts, grilled chicken, and grilled vegetables. In general, lambrusco is a red wine whose primary characteristics are sparkle, lightness, and low alcohol content about 11 percent.
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Heres a top-quality wine that features complex, deep and intense flavours from winemakers who have been making lambrusco in the traditional way in the Emilia-Romagna region since the 1930s. The wine isnt filtered so care needs to be taken when pouring it.
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1 In Roman times, the Lambrusco was highly valued for its productivity and high yields with Cato the Elder stating that produce of two thirds of an acre could make enough wine to fill 300 amphoras. The most highly rated of its wines are the frothy, frizzante slightly sparkling red wines that are designed to be drunk young from one of the eight Lambrusco denominazione di origine controllata DOC regions: Colli di Parma Lambrusco, Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro, Lambrusco di Sorbara, Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce, Reggiano Lambrusco, Colli di Scandiano e Canossa Lambrusco, Modena Lambrusco, and Lambrusco Mantovano.
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The Details: Lambrusco is a cornerstone of Italian food and wine, and can stand up to meats and cheeses. While there are sticky-sweet versions, there are also bone-dry red ones with earthy undertones, and fresh rosés with a tangy tartness.
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Food Pairing Riunite Lambrusco is perfect for every occasion. Enjoyable and straight forward, its easy drinkability make it a favorite with a wide variety of foods, including spicy fare. Where to buy. Print this page. Click here for reviews of Riunite Lambrusco.
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Those six include Lambrusco Grasparossa, Lambrusco Maestri, Lambrusco Marani, Lambrusco Montericco, Lambrusco Salamino, and Lambrusco Sorbara. Each grape has slightly different characteristics that contribute best to certain styles of wine, Buyukliev advises. But, despite each grape in the Lambrusco family having different characteristics, they all share bright, wild berry aromas, and good acidity.
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More accurately, it is a collective term for a group of grape varieties much like Muscat more than 60 Lambrusco varieties have been identified so far. Lambrusco vines are grown in several Italian wine regions, including Piedmont Emilia-Romagnas neighbor and farther afield in Basilicata.

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