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Even though it is normal for residual sugar content in ice wine to run from 180 g/L up to as high as 320 g/L with a mean in the 220 g/L range, ice wine is very refreshing as opposed to cloying due to high acidity.
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Bottle Wagner Riesling Ice Wine. New York Finger Lakes Dessert Fortified Wine Ice Wine. Finger Lakes, New York A classic dessert wine produced only in the most extreme conditions, this honeyed, elegant nectar is the perfect pairing for fruit tarts and nuts.
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Only about 1020% of the liquid in these frozen grapes is used for ice wine and because the juice is so sweet anywhere from 3246 Brix, it can take anywhere from 36 months a long, slow, finicky fermentation to make ice wine.
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Many wineries harvest by hand. While still frozen, the harvested grapes are pressed, leaving most of the water behind as ice. Only a small amount of concentrated juice is extracted. Juice yields for Icewine grapes are much lower than for table winesonly 15% of the expected yield for grapes harvested for table wines. The juice is very sweet and can be difficult to ferment. High sugars can create a hostile environment for the yeast, and fermentation stops early, leaving relatively low alcohol and high sugar levels in the finished wine.
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Over time, brighter notes tend to recede and let a slightly richer, deeper character come out, as with this bottle from 2007darker than a young ice wine, with notes of raisin intermingling with the more traditional apricot and lighter, honeyed fruits.
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Ice wines tend to be better and have a richer taste when they are able to keep their natural acidity in addition to tasting sweet. The Riesling variety of wine is the most common ice wine because of its sweet taste and unique flavors, but some companies are beginning to experiment with making red ice wines.

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