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Armazém de Calor: Only used by the Madeira Wine Company, this method involves storing the wine in large wooden casks in a specially designed room outfitted with steam-producing tanks or pipes that heat the room, creating a type of sauna.
Rainwater.A Madeiran wine Madeira Wine and Dine.
The term Rainwater Medium Dry Madeira is a hugely historic term for a specific style of Madeira wine and is reputed to have emerged from the United States. Legend has it that a shipment of Madeira wine barrels were left uncovered or uncorked for some time in heavy rain.
What is Madeira Wine? Wine Folly.
Colheita Madeira: which like its cousin in the Port trade on mainland Portugal, is wine from a single vintage. Colheita Madeira must be aged a minimum of five years before release, and is considered one of the most ageworthy categories of Madeira.
Welcome Blandy's' Madeira Quality Madeira wine since 1811.
For more than 200 years, Blandys Madeira has been synonymous with quality Madeira wine. Complete dedication to the preservation of Madeira wine traditions. Producing award-winning wines. At Blandy's' Madeira we have wines for every occasion, every mood, and every palate.
A Beginners Guide to Madeira Wine.
Unfortunately, theres no way for you to know how youll perceive a particular Madeira wine without being familiar with the specific house and style, but lucky for you theres only a handful of Madeira Houses, making the learning curve somewhat reasonable.
Welcome Madeira Wine Company.
Miles Madeira Wine. Madeira Wine Company. Originally an association of a number of Madeira wine producing companies, who decided to join forces in order to strengthen their purchasing and wine making abilities. This Association was founded in 1913. Blandy's' Madeira Wine.
Wines of Portugal A world of difference Madeira.
A small clutch of historic Madeira grapes are known as the noble varieties: Sercial, Verdelho, Boal, Malvasia sometimes called Malmsey and the rarer Terrantez. All are white, and the first four are traditionally vinified to give different degrees of sweetness in the finished wine: respectively dry, medium-dry, medium-sweet and sweet.
Ten Madeira wines for Christmas Decanter.
If ever there was a wine to take to a desert island, it is Madeira. This is not because Madeira is an island and it ceased to be deserted when it was discovered by the Portuguese in 1420 but because no other wine is so utterly resilient.

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