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Italian Frascati Wine Sedimentality.
Flavor profile of Frascati and Frascati pairings. The variety of grapes allowed to go into a Frascati means that the flavors of a Frascati wine are difficult to sum up: typically, Frascati is light, low in alcohol, and very easy to drink.
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Frascati is an Italian white wine named after the town of Frascati, located 25 km southeast of Rome, in Lazio, Italy. Archeological discoveries from the ancient town of Tusculum, now Frascati, demonstrate the cultivation of grapes for wine since the 5th century B.C.
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FAMILY TRADITIONS, WINE FOOD TOURS, WINE TASTING, COOKING CLASSES NEAR ROME. Header button labelENJOY: YOUR WINE TOUR ENJOY YOUR WINE TOUR. Our Wine and Food Tours. Wine Tours and Wine Tasting in Frascati, near Rome. Traditional Wine Tour: Wine, food and culture!
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Log in Join. The Old Frascati Wine Tour: Hours, Address, The Old Frascati Wine Tour Reviews: 5/5. Province of Rome. Things to Do in Frascati. The Old Frascati Wine Tour. The Old Frascati Wine Tour. 1 of 8 Food Drink in Frascati.
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Frascati wine is known as the Golden Wine of the Romans, the Popes Wine and the white wine of Rome. Each stone building, cobblestone street, and ancient church tells the story of the centuries of people who have called Frascati home.
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Producers of Frascati owned almost all of the taverns. It has been said that Frascati is the most often mentioned wine in Italian literature. Pope Gregori XVI, in the first part of the 18th century, said it was his favorite wine.
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Cato had a property and wineyard in this area, possibly very close to our location, as the street is named Via di Prata Porci, or Via di Pietra Porzia. The farm De Sanctis is only 15 km from Rome, in the green countryside of the Frascati DOC wine scene, the area of the ancient lake Regillo.
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If you require further product information, including information about allergens in this wine., please click here. Unit alcohol content as UK UNITS per bottle and 125ml glass. KNOW YOUR LIMITS UK Chief Medical Officer recommends adults do not regularly exceed. MEN: 3-4 units daily WOMEN: 2-3 units daily For more information: drinkaware.co.uk. Some of the world's' most famous and popular wines, most famously Frascati, are produced in this area.
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