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5 Types of Dessert Wine Wine Folly.
Richly Sweet Dessert Wine. Sweet Red Wine. Most dessert wines can be categorized into 5 styles: Sparkling, Light Sweet, Rich Sweet, Sweet Red and Fortified. Types of Dessert Wine Guide. Dessert Wine Basics Sweet wine is produced with extra sweet wine grapes.
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What Exactly Is Dessert Wine? Dessert wine its a term that pops up every now and again, but especially inexperienced wine lovers tend to get a little confused by. What does wine have to do with a post-dinner sweet treat?
Sweet Dessert Wine Mitchell and Son Wine Merchants.
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Anything from Frances Jura is cool these days, said Basile al Mileik, the wine director of Brooklyns Reynard, pointing to its version of dessert wine, macvin, which is fortified with brandy and usually infused with herbs. The cool thing is, you can make macvin with both white and red wines from Chardonnay or Sauvignon or Pinot Noir and they are not overly sweet.
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A Beginners Guide To Dessert Wine.
Dessert sherry, the type of sherry usually used as a dessert wine, is made by adding a sweeter wine, such as Moscatel wine, to the natural sherry. Serving Sherry Dessert sherry is traditionally served slightly chilled in a special, tulip-shaped glass called a copita.
The Best International Dessert and Ice Wines.
For those seeking a delicious dessert wine find that will pair well with a wide variety of your favorite desserts or act as dessert itself, here are the top wine finds that lie distinctly on the sweeter side of the vine.
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This is no wonder given that the Australian wine industry was built on oceans of sweet white wine until the 1970s, when drier wines grew in fashion. Sweet white wine, and in particular fortified dessert wines such as those from north-eastern Victoria; as well as Australia-wide interpretations of Port and sweet Sherry, remain well suited to our country's' warmer regions.
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In the UK, a dessert wine is considered to be any sweet wine drunk with a meal, as opposed to the white 1 fortified wines fino and amontillado sherry drunk before the meal, and the red fortified wines port and madeira drunk after it.
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Photographer: Benoit Linero. At NoMad in Los Angeles, wine director Ryan Bailey, who has a selection in mind for each dessert on the menu, says he runs through seven or eight cases of dessert wine a month, whereas he might sell 30 cases of Sauvignon Blanc.
Christmas 2015: 15 best dessert wines The Independent.
Hattingley Valley 2014 Entice Dessert Wine: 15 for 37.5cl, Amazon. This is a hand-crafted English dessert wine from a Hampshire-based company known for its sparkling wines. Notes of apricot and peach are balanced by an underlying acidity to give you the perfect Christmas Day treat.

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