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Almost all Jewish holidays, especially the Passover Seder where all present drink four cups of wine, on Purim for the festive meal, and on the Shabbat require obligatory blessings Kiddush over filled cups of kosher wine that are then drunk.
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Of course, every Shabbos we commemorate the creation of the world over wine, and on Pesach, the four cups of wine are crucial in re-experiencing the Exodus. While wine figures so prominently in Judaism, making kosher wine is no simple matter.
14 Best Passover Wines Kosher Wines To Serve At Passover Seder.
Kosher: Yarden Brut Rose 2011. Buy Now 33.99. This" is a bright and refreshing wine comprised of chardonnay and pinot noir, notes Melissa Monosoff, a master sommelier and education director for the Court of Master Sommeliers. It" features pretty strawberry and raspberry notes and is versatile enough to take on the vast array of foods at the Seder table."

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1 Kosher wine is made in" precisely the same way as regular wine" The only difference is that there is rabbinical oversight during the process and that the wine is handled by" Sabbath-observant Jews." 2 Not all Israeli wines are kosher.
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While the bulk of Kosher wine naturally comes from Israel, numerous other appellations and countries actively produce Kosher wine, most notably, California and New Yew York in America and Bordeaux in France. For more on Kosher wine in Bordeaux, please see: Guide to Kosher Bordeaux Wine.
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A special Bracha was established by our Sages especially for wine, Borei Pri HaGafen. At the same time, due to the severe Torah prohibition of drinking or using Yayin Nesach, wine that was used for idolatrous services, and the strict Rabbinical injunction against drinking Stam Yaynom, unsupervised grape wine, the requirement for top quality Kosher supervised wine is critical.
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represents more than 60 kosher wine producers. This is due to an increase in interest from consumers who are adding to their kosher wine portfolios, and in some cases building actual kosher wine cellars in their homes, a rare sight just two decades ago.

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