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sparkling Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
us / sprkl, sprkl /. energetic and interesting.: His writing is known for its sparkling dialogue. The whole house was sparkling clean. A sparkling drink has bubbles in it.: Definition of sparkling from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press.
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9, in The New York Times 1: While we know because the script tells us so that the people we are watching are in love and in pain and in trouble, they never come across as more than dispensers of sparkling aperçus.
Sparkling Synonyms, Sparkling Antonyms
One cannot always be original and sparkling, and it is wiser not to try too persistently. It mocked and jeered at them with sparkling waves of warmth. He made very light of a brace of partridges and a bottle of sparkling Moselle.
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verb used with object, sparkled, sparkling. to cause to sparkle: moonlight sparkling the water; pleasure sparkling her eyes. a little spark or fiery particle. a sparkling appearance, luster, or play of light: the sparkle of a diamond. brilliance, liveliness, or vivacity.
sparkling English-Spanish Dictionary
Collocations: sparkling white, red, rosé wine, sparkling spring, mineral water, Still or sparkling, more. Forum discussions with the words sparkling" in the title.: a sparkling wish. Darkness covers the quiet sparkling sky robe. Green's' the colour of the sparkling corn.
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