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Shiraz/Syrah Majestic Wine.
85 % OF 110 Would buy it again. 5.99 Mix Six 8.99 per bottle. Kangarilla Road Shiraz 2016 McLaren Vale. On the nose this wine shows the typical warm spice characters of Shiraz, with a lovely complexity of berry fruits on the palate.
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Shop by Wine. Shop by Varietal. Shop by Winery. SALE CLOSEOUT WINE. Join the Club. Save 20% Anytime. Rare Boutique Wines. Access to Limited Releases First. Tasting Notes Straight From The Winemaker. Paired Delicious Recipes. In South Africa, the variety is predominately known as Shiraz, Syrah is used for Rhône-style" wines, is a dark-skinned grape variety, medium to full-bodied palate and aromas full of dark berries and black pepper.
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Australian Shiraz is grown with great success in the Hunter Valley and Canberra region in New South Wales, Beechworth, Rutherglen and Glenrowan in Victoria, Margaret River in Western Australia and McLaren Vale in South Australia. The future of Shiraz Wine.
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Shiraz and Barbecue Tip The peppery spice in Australian Shiraz works wonders with a peppery barbecue. Try spicing your meats with anise and clove to bring out those subtle nuances in the wine. Profile on Shiraz: Barossa Valley. Barossa Valley in Australia is the birthplace to some of the highest rated Syrah-based wines in the world.
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3 See also. By the ninth century, the city of Shiraz had already established a reputation for producing the finest wine in the world, 1 and was Iran's' wine capital. The export of Shiraz wine by European merchants in the 17th century has been documented.
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If only one variety merlot, cabernet sauvignon is mentioned on the label, then the wine is called varietal and is named after the grape with a capital initial Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon. Varietal wines primarily show the fruit: how the wine tastes much depends on the grape variety. Syrah or Shiraz.
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You can use Wine Enthusiasts online Buying Guide to find the top-rated Syrah/Shiraz among our extensive Syrah/Shiraz wine reviews and easy-to-use database. Our Syrah/Shiraz reviews will give you a general idea what to expect from wines made from Syrah/Shiraz, and will help you find one that best suits your needs.
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The United States imported Syrah vines in the 1970s and the wine is always marketed under the Syrah name with one notable exception. Darioush Khaledi, a son of Shiraz, is the proud owner of a 120-acre vineyard in California's' Napa Valley producing what he insists on calling Shiraz wine.
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South Australia, Australia. Find The Best Shiraz at your local LCBO. Look up Shiraz in our glossary Look up all Shiraz. Find The Best Shiraz at your local LCBO. Look up Shiraz in our glossary. Look up all Shiraz. Find A Wine.
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Shiraz is Australias best known and most widely planted variety. Grown in virtually every wine region in Australia. Shiraz is relatively adaptable and can be grown in moderate to cool regions as well as warm areas. Shiraz thrives in moderate to warm climate areas.
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Cool-climate Syrah, with its peppery spices, is a natural match with flavorful Moroccan-spiced lamb dishes, where the spice is more about flavor than heat. With Australian Shiraz, grown in warmer regions, heavy meat dishes with abundant protein and fat are a necessity to match the intensity of the wine.

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