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Burgundy Discovery.
Join us on a Burgundy Discovery wine tour and share our deep passion, knowledge and boundless enthusiasm for Burgundy, its wines, food and lifestyle. Established in 2003 Burgundy Discovery offers personal, small group wine tasting tours, in English, to carefully selected wine cellars and vineyards in Burgundy that are not always accessible to the public.
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Quick Links Burgundy En Primeur Burgundy wine reviews Burgundy producer profiles. There are four different classifications in Burgundy: regional, commune, and two kinds of single vineyard communes, premier cru and grand cru. This is one of the ways that Burgundys architecture differs from Bordeaux, its traditional rival in France, Bordeaux, because many producers own patches of the same vineyard, rather than existing in self-contained chateaux.

Ask me your toughest wine questions, from the technical aspects of winemaking to the fine points of etiquette. I hope you find my answers educational and even amusing. Looking for a particular answer? Check my most-asked questions and my full archives.
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In 2010, the Burgundy region experienced a notable increase in internet coverage thanks to official efforts like the online broadcast of the famous Hospices de Beaune, 20 as well as the efforts of independent wine aficionados, such as Bourgogne Live.
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Home / Discover / Burgundy wines / Burgundy Wines Vineyards / Burgundy wine classification system. In Burgundy, the concept of terroir land is very important, since its the soil that gives its name to the wine. Each wine region in France has its own wine classification.
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Burgundy, it's' not only the mythical and unreachable Romanée-Conti: nearly 4000 wineries work in the vineyards of the various climats" of the area. Many of them will warmly welcome you for a tour and a wine tasting So do not miss the opportunity to visit them, and also to try wine pairings with local specialties: Burgundy snails, poached eggs, Bresse chicken, beef bourguignon or Epoisses cheese!
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The vineyards of the Côte de Beaune produce prestigious red wines and white wines appreciated worldwide for their elegance and finesse. Its one of the five great vineyards of Burgundy. Burgundy Wine Map: the vineyards of Burgundy. Burgundy wine map.
Getting acquainted with the wines of Burgundy.
And then you can set off to find the people who really love wine. The climats of Burgundy. In the heart of the Burgundy wine region you can explore the climats, a regional term that refers to a plot of land whose rich soil and natural conditions are unique.
Burgundy Wine Regions.
Chablis, situated in an isolated pocket of limestone hills in north-western Burgundy, produces white wines so distinct in style from those of central Burgundy that it is often treated as a region in its own right. A full 130 miles to the south of Chablis lies Beaujolais treated by the wine world as a sub-region of Burgundy, despite being located in the Rhone-Alpes region.
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While Burgundys best chardonnays are fetching ever-increasing high prices, look for the words Petit Chablis and bottles hailing from the Mâcon region on labels as these are often more affordable. Did you know? Burgundy is home to the wine collectors bucket-list producer, Domaine de la Romanée-Conti DRC.
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The Burgundy Wine Tour carries you away on a journey of the senses, to live the joyful experience of wine, to discover the climats and vineyards of Burgundy inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage, to get acquainted with a lifestyle and its craftsmen and particularly the winemakers.

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