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This white wine is a bit sweeter than our Riesling and the best crowd pleaser! Barefoot Moscato wine is truly versatile, paring best with spicy Asian cuisine and light desserts. This wine is good at keeping things fresh with some fruit or mild cheese too.
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Easy to find with its bright blue bottle, the Ecco Domani Moscato is a sweet treat for those looking for a refreshing white wine with a slight effervescence, semi-sweet style and lower on the alcohol than your typical white wine.
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The word Moscato moe-ska-toe is the Italian name for Muscat Blanc one of the oldest wine grapes in the world! So, lets find out more about this fascinating wine. One of the most popular Moscato wine styles is based on the Italian wine called Moscato dAsti from Piedmont.
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Red Moscato: Similar to Pink Moscato, this wine is usually a blend of White Moscato and other reds such as Syrah and Zinfandel. Sparkling Moscato: Expect this wine to be more intensely bubbled, closer to Asti wine than Moscato dAsti.
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Born in the Italian region of Piedmont, a region that is also well known for its famous Barolo wine, Moscato is made from the Muscat grape, which is a grape that in addition to making Moscato is also eaten regularly as a table grape, and used for making raisins.
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The best Moscato wines come from the Piedmont region of Italy labeled Moscato" d'Asti, but these wines are frequently produced in California and Australia as well. Major Moscato wine brands include Zonin, Mionetto, Barefoot and Alice White; howeverour, selection is constantly growing!
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While Barolo and Barbaresco may reign at La Spinetta, their Moscato is definitely not to be discounted. According to Wine Searcher, their Moscato dAsti is the fourth-most-searched for wine in their portfolio, with fruit coming from a single, 20-hectare vineyard.
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Special Price MYR85.00. Fontanafredda Le Fronde Moscato d'Asti.' Type: Sweet wine. Grapes: Moscato blends. Regular Price: MYR99.00. Special Price MYR88.00. Type: Sweet wine. Grapes: Moscato blends. Original Price: MYR89.00 As low as: MYR78.00. Ca Bianca Moscato d'Asti.' Type: Sweet wine.
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Try Batasiolo Moscato dAsti, Bricco Riella Moscato dAsti, or Vino Dei Fratelli Moscato dAsti. Red Moscato Made with black and orange Muscat grapes, Red Moscato is the best of both worlds as far as red versus white wine is concerned.
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Best Moscato Wine You Have to Try. What's' the Best Moscato Wine? The number one choice as a wine for desserts and a great companion for many other dishes and occasions, the Moscato wine is definitely one of the most loved wines around the world.

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