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The resulting wine absorbs additional body and flavor, giving us a dry, medium-bodied wine with a similar complexity to Amarone at prices below 20! More than any other family of wines in Italy, the Valpolicella truly offers a perfect companion for every occasion.
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However, with DOC recognition also came a large expansion of vineyard areas that were permitted to produce Valpolicella DOC wine, including land in the fertile plains of the Po River, which tend to produce excessively large yields of grapes with varying qualities.
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Which leads us on to the 5 th style; Recioto della Valpolicella most definately a dessert wine, its production starts the same as an Amarone, but the fermentation is stopped prior to completion, leaving substantial residual sugar, hence the sweetness.
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What Is Valpolicella? Valpolicella is the first Italian appellation by value, second to only Chianti and Montepulciano dAbruzzo in red wine production. Its name is thought to be a mix of Latin and ancient Greek, and translates to valley of many cellars.
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Winemakers pour standard Valpolicella wine over the pressed skins left from Amarone production, initiating a second fermentation, enriching the Valpolicella and boosting its alcohol level. Ripasso, sometimes known as baby Amarone or the poor mans Amarone, is a great value alternative to the more expensive wine.
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Amarone: King of Valpolicella wine! Amarone della Valpolicella is the most prestigious wine from the Valpolicella region in Veneto Italy. The reason Amarone is important these days is because it earned DOCG status in 2009; Italys official top-tier wine classification.
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Bottle Antica Corte Valpolicella Ripasso. Italy Veneto Valpolicella Red Wine Corvina. Valpolicella, Veneto, Italy Depth and fruit concentration are the highlights of this smooth wine made in the Ripasso style, meaning that the Valpolicella juice has passed through the grape skins of Amarone.
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Keeping all this in mind, the wine panel recently tasted 20 bottles of Valpolicella from recent vintages. Our tasting coordinator, Bernard Kirsch, did his best to select only ordinary Valpolicellas for the tasting, but its not always easy to differentiate Valpolicella from Valpolicella Ripasso.

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