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Is Plum Wine Healthy?
China introduced the ume plum to Japan in the sixth century, and plum wine became a popular drink in Japan during the 17th century. Today, typically served chilled as an aperitif, Japanese plum wine is a popular drink in Japan and worldwide.
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Hi, Ive had my wine sitting for two days so that the water can absorb the plum juice nothing added yet and this morning there was mold growing on a few of the skins that had floated to the top of the bucket!

I had to order it on 1 year is going to be an eternity before I can taste it! Haha, I know, the year 1 is the toughest! Next year when you make the plum wine, you have the year 1 plum wine to enjoy!
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Plum Wine: 7 Steps.
I used: The Boots Book of Home Wine Making Brewing New and revised edition 1978 Recipe 119 PLUM dry 42 red/black plums 4.5lb in the book, but I have no scales 245g red grape juice concentrate 1/2 pint in the book 1 Kg white sugar 2lb in the book 1 tsp citric acid juice of a lemon would be fine instead 1 cup of strong tea 1/2 tsp of tannin in the book 1 tsp pectolase Campden tablets 1 tsp yeast nutrient ammonium phosphate sulphate 1 tsp Super Wine Yeast Compound i.e.
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Sake, however, is made from rice and is more similar to a beer in how it's' produced, while plum wine is more akin to traditional wine. The Japanese name for plum wine is umeshu. If we're' getting technical, it's' important to note that plum wine is from the fruit of the Prunus Mume tree, which is not exactly as Americans know it.
Sorry, Sake: This Plum Wine Could Be Japan's' Next Big Drink Export.
Its not only the plum wine that is loved in Japan; plums are a staple of Japanese culture. While almost everyone is familiar with the cherry blossom, it used to be the white blossoms of the plum tree were even more highly esteemed.
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A bottle of maesil-ju plum wine. Plum liquor, also known as plum" wine, is popular in both Japan and Korea, and is also produced in China. In China, plum wine is called meijiu. Plum wine is normally made with distilled liquor and soaked with plum.
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Deliciously smooth, this Umeshu" plum wine has a sweet, rich fruity flavour without a strong alcoholic taste and behaves more like a liqueur than traditional wine. Made by steeping unripened Japanese plums in alcohol and sugar to allow the flavours to infuse, Takara plum wine tastes sweet but also a little sour.
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Store in a cool, dark place at least 3 months before using. Plum wine should taste floral and almost Sherry-like, with notes of caramel and raisins. Do Ahead: Plum wine can be made 1 year ahead. Recipe by Alison Roman.,

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